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I thank you so much for giving me access to your betting method. This last year I have made 24k by using both VHM and Bet Synergy. This far exceeds any betting system I have ever bought. If you produce another book please let me know first.
Ben A, London

I am a student in my final year at University and some 6 months ago with a debt over 12k I decided that I needed to do something about it. My house mates laughed at me when I told them that I had bought a betting method to get me out of the debt that virtually all students now get by their final year. Anyway, just to let you know that I am the one doing the laughing now. My debt is all gone now and my estimation is that I will have enough to buy myself a good car by the end of my final exams in the summer and it is all thanks to you!
Tim B, Leicester

Just an update to let you know that I have been betting full-time now for 2 years and it was you that I have to thank for showing me the way out of my dead end, frustrating job as a teacher. The VHM and Bet Synergy still account for over 75% of all my annual bets on horse racing. Thanks again!
Andy F, Huddersfield

Having read the book, I can certainly recommend it. The book is well-written and easy to understand. The method is simple to use, and there is an online calculator to help select the horses to bet on. This method is very clever and well worth the price!
Roger Lee, UKhorseracing Forum

If you want to take out the risk factor in your gambling then this is the book for you. It is written by a man who clearly understands how to achieve the all too elusive value aspect of betting and at either zero or low risk to your betting bank, you decide if you want a smaller, a zero risk return, or a higher small risk return. Totally ingenious in its conception this will be the last book you ever buy on making money from betting.
BJ Sandoe, Spain

Just a quick update...I am still winning big time!!!...The 16.40 Nottingham today...I used vhm on 3 different horses, resulting in a very nice profit!!! Once again, a genuine THANK YOU
Mike Tipple

Bravo Neil you've actually done it! I've read the book over the weekend and checked out the VHMC. Just Brilliant! Please let me know when 'Laybackhorse' is ready or anything else you invent. You have just been inducted in to my Hall-of-Fame. Thank You
Gerald Simon

Awesome, awesome, awesome Neil! I use 3 awesomes because I guess only the brightest of your readers will figure out that you are showing at least 3 methods in the book really! 3 for the price of 1…fantastic! I agree with your philosophy completely. The market is the best ratings site of all and the great thing about that is that anybody can look at it and it's free!
Andrew Stuart Sydney

I have run out of superlatives to describe VHM!

I found a Golden Egg within 2 days of buying the ebook. It more than paid for the book. Thank you!
Jeff Denton, Burnley

When you contacted me last year to tell me about this "bulletproof" method you'd discovered I've got to admit that I was slightly sceptical about the whole thing. I don't mean to offend you by saying that, but when you run a betting related website you do tend to attract the occasional "crank" and I've seen my fair share of weird and wacky systems over the years!

As you know, I come from a bookmaking background so when someone pops up with a statement like "I'm beating the odds compilers at their own game" it's obviously going to catch my attention (even if I might have been reaching for a "pinch of salt" at the same time :-)) but I'm glad that I did take the time to read your email and reply to you now.

After using the VHM for just a few days I'd soon realised how profitable it could be and now that I've been working it for 5 or 6 months I'm pleased to tell you that I've added more than £11,000 to my trading profits so far this year. If I continue with my current staking levels (which haven't been huge) it will probably put an extra £25,000 in my pocket over the next 12 months, with a minimal amount of effort, so you could say that your email was one of the most profitable I've ever received!

The next time you feel like sending me another "crank" email, please don't hesitate ... if it puts another £25,000 in my pocket I'll be a happy man!

Best regards,
Tim Burke

Neil, I'm writing to let you know that I read your ebook and tested your software over the weekend and I'm thoroughly impressed. Keeping in mind that I was starting from scratch I quickly found 7 value bets on Saturday which resulted in a profit of over £200 on the day. On Sunday I only found 2 but even these returned a profit of £48.

The thing that impressed me most was the simplicity of the software. You've made it very easy for people to see instantly where the value lies and the feature that tells you how much profit you can expect over a series of bets is excellent.

All in all, it looks a surefire winner to me. As you say, the reason 99% of people fail to profit from betting is because they don't understand the concept of value, but the VHM makes this process almost too easy.

You deserve every success with it!

All the best,
Duncan Smith

I have completely changed my betting strategy after reading the book. You are right, this is a work of genius! Why didn’t I ever think of it?
David Barry, Aberdeen

I had seen the anomaly on the exchanges and never really knew how to deal with it until I read this book. This is fantastic!
Luke Jones, Birmingham

Given you have a superb knowledge of probability and value, why on earth are you selling this method for only £99. I have bought things for 5 times the price with less than one-tenth the value.
Peter Wentworth, Newcastle

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