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Lay To Lose Betting Systems. Laying Horses For Profits

Please find below some horse laying betting systems and tools that you should check out right away if you are serious about making money from losing horses!

Laying or Lay to Lose betting is a fairly new option for bettors since the introduction of the betting exchanges like Betfair, Betdaq etc. A Lay bet is simply a bet that a selection will lose. Laying is often seen as a complicated and unprofitable option but the reality is that they are very simple to understand and liabilities can be kept to a minimum with a sensible approach.

For further information on lay betting take a look at my lay to lose horse betting article.

The lay systems, methods and tools listed here are examples of such approaches and are worth a good look if you are wishing to add lay betting to your portfolio. Another important benefit of lay betting is that due to the fact that the bets are placed on betting exchanges, your profits are not limited by potential account closures unlike if you are successful with bookies!

Laying horse to lose can be a great approach in races with large fields (over 15 runners). Most people can usually find a few horses in these races that are very unlikely to run well and therefore they can be great lay bets on both the win and place markets, assuming the lay price is low enough to be offering value. Remember every horse has a price and if you start laying outsiders at huge odds above their true price of winning, then you will end up losing money! The price is always the key factor.


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