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Many gamblers are turning to trading as a way of limiting / eliminating the normal financial risks involved with betting. Be it trading on horse racing, football, tennis or indeed many other sports, the betting exchanges like betfair allow us to easily try our hand at trading.

The trouble with trading on fast moving markets like those of horse racing is that the standard betting exchange interfaces are fairly slow and require numerous clicks before a bet is placed / layed. Some of the software featured here offer lightening fast placement of bets which in turn makes for superb opportunities to trade on the fast moving markets.

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Horse Racing Traders - Stop Gambling, Start Trading and Win


I have used this software for many months now and have been highly impressed with the features and performance it offers over the standard betting exchange interfaces. I first started following the progress of this software after reading an article on Adam Todd (the main man behind this software) in the UK betting magazine 'Inside Edge' and was very excited by the massive profits he was making trading on the UK horse racing markets.

The software allows for extremely quick trades so that traders can jump in and out of bets (backing and laying) with 1 click whilst hopefully securing profits along the way. It didn't take me very long to be making daily profits on both the win and place markets.

I simply love the ladder interface that is available and much prefer this to the standard betfair type interface. The 1 click betting is awesome and I found this allows me to suck up profits.

If your considering trying trading or indeed already trade on the betting exchanges, I highly recommend that you take a look at this software asap.

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