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Please find below Staking Plan Calculators and Betting Stakes Software.

We all know that a professional staking plan and the full and accurate recording of our betting activities is crucial to success unless you are a mug punter just having a bit of fun! The following offer clever solutions and options for recording your bets and calculating betting stakes with various plans including level, Kelly, Labouchere, Fibonacci etc.

We tend to believe that all 'good' systems should work to level stakes and not require a clever staking plan in order to secure profits BUT we also recognise that some staking plans can increase your profits over level stakes...

Our advice, take the issue of staking and recording very seriously and consider visiting these sites in order to get a good idea of whats available to assist you with your betting.

Staking Plan Software - Betting Stakes


The Staking Machine is a clever piece of Windows software that allows you to calculate betting stakes based on many highly respected staking strategies including level, 1326, D'alembert, Fibonacci Percentage, Parlay Pro, Secure ,Fixed, Kelly, Square Root, Laboucher and also LAY Betting staking plans including Lay Level, Fixed Liability, Lay Mixed, Percentage Liability, Lay Percentage, Maria, Lay Ladder, Lay Kelly etc.

Review: Click Here for Full Review of The Staking machine - Betting Stakes Software

It also allows you to record all your betting activity and test how your bets would have performed with the various staking plans.

Well worth the small investment. For me it paid for itself in a matter of hours...

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Professional Staking Plans and Betting Stakes Calculators

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