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Bookmaker Shutdowns & Restrictions / Bookie Account Closures

I have created this page to show you the types of restriction / shutdown messages you will receive should you be lucky enough to profit from your betting activity like I do.

Not all bookies actually shutdown / block your account, instead they start to offer stupidly low stakes on each bet. If you were to look at all the major UK bookies offered on 2 of the most popular odds comparison sites and, I have been shutdown with each of the bookmakers listed. By shutdown, I include bookies who start to offer pence of a couple of quid as maximum bet on a selection.

All of these and many more of my accounts have been closed by the major bookies as a direct result of me following 2 systems only, RacingSynergy (formerly BetSynergy) and The Value Horse Method. Now let me make this clear, I'm not saying that these 2 systems are the only ones with which you can make money from betting, but for me they have proved to be the most reliable and profitable.

Please note: Racing Synergy has superceeded BetSynergy and is an automated version of the BetSynergy product.

I'm sure you'll agree that the example account closures below prove that i'm doing something right! And let me add here that I am not an Arber. I back horses and let them run. If they win happy days, if they lose then I take it on the chin. So these account closures are not due to me putting on big bets and laying off for no risk small profits. That's just not my cup of tea!

IMPORTANT NOTE: These screenshots were taken around the time that I posted this page on my site. I do not intend to keep updating them as they are purely to show you that profiting from racing is possible when you take the right approach. Feel free to contact me if you would like to discuss how I am doing presently.

Bet365 :

The classic Bet365 Shutdown email. It states that you are no longer allowed to use the telephone betting service but you are still able to use the internet betting site. Well, thats fine if 70p or £1.20 each way is the stakes you are looking to get on ! From the moment you receive this email your restricted to stakes around those amounts. E.g. the account is as good as closed. With Bet365 this tends to happen fairly quickly.

Bet365 Account Shutdown Image


VC Bet - Victor Chandler :

The no nonsense VCBet shutdown email. Straight to the point. Go away, we dont wont your business...

VCBet Account Closure Image


William Hill :

Another straight to the point shutdown email. Go away, we dont wont you to bet with us anymore...

William Hill Account Closure Image


Coral :

And another closure email which gets straight to the point.

Coral Shutdown Account Image


Paddy Power :

This one is not quite a full shutdown email, but one which hints that your going to be restricted. Indeed, they do restrict heavily from here on and the accounts are all but finished. Notice the reference to ' A small Number of Customer Accounts'. If you've got this message pat yourself on the back as Paddy are clearly saying that not many people make money from betting and therefore are subject to these restrictions...

Paddy Power Restriction Image


The Others :

Ladbrokes, Totesport, Skybet, Boylesports, Betfred, SportingBet, 888 Sport, Stan James:

With regards to the other big bookies listed above, they simply begin to heavily restrict your stakes after they have had enough of you winning. With Ladbrokes, they tend to let you have full stakes and then one day you are heavily restricted or offered £0 stakes ! Others like Stan James, Totesport, Betfred etc, let you have full stakes for a while, then gradually lower your staking limits until its almost zero.

The likes of Sportingbet, Skybet are a total waste of time for professional bettors. After a few bets they are limiting when you follow a successful betting pattern. Even if you haven't won anything and are down, if they sense they will lose long term they block! How unethical and I wouldnt give them time of day.

Bookies, have you forgot your over-round !



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