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Have you ever thought how satisfying it would be to have a method of selecting horses that consistently produces profit, month after month. How good would it feel to know that the odds compilers are powerless to protect themselves from your selections? If you want to make that dream become a reality you need the Value Horse Method©. This low-risk betting method is not only unique, it is also bullet-proof and market-resistant.

If you are a professional gambler who makes a living from betting on UK horse racing The Value Horse Method© will become the main weapon in your betting armoury. If you are new to betting on UK horse racing The Value Horse Method© is the best way of consistently finding value bets and profiting by punting on horse races.

Horse and Crowd ImageIf you were offered odds of 100/1 on it snowing next Christmas would you take the bet? If you would, you could class yourself as a “value bettor”. You invest your money rather than gamble as probability is on your side. If you took the same bet for the next 100 years, in all probability, you would make a healthy profit.

I have made a living from betting for more than 3 years, not from betting on snow at Xmas but by finding “value horses”. On an average day I will find more than five horses that represent excellent value because the odds that are being offered are far higher than they should be, given the probability that the horse will win.

In the book “The Value Horse Method©” I let you know exactly how I find these horses and how to make betting on them into a low risk, high reward method of betting.

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