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REVIEW - BetSynergy | Bet Synergy Horse Racing Betting

Product Title: BetSynergy Website: Bet Synergy
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Being a massive fan of the VHM, I was so excited to hear of the release of BetSynergy by the same team.

It offers you an accurate yet very simple way of finding horses that are priced higher than they should be and therefore are likely to shorten further. This is often known as a 'value horse' and simply means that the horse is available at odds higher than it should be given its 'true' chance of winning...

If you haven't grasped this 'value price' concept already, then please, I beg you to investigate this urgently as its the only way the majority of punters will profit long term unless they have some seriously good insider information. It stands to reason that if you are able to back horses at 10/1 many times when their true price is 8/1, you will be in profit long term - no ifs no buts!

What Is The BetSynergy Horse Racing Method?

BetSynergy is a Value Horse Selection Method. The method works on all race types including handicaps / non handicaps, small fields, large fields, NH, Flat etc. On an average UK race day with around 3 meetings it might highlight around 15 to 30 horses that match the BetSynergy criteria. You can then use the information to bet in whichever way best suits you. E.g. Outright WIN, EW, Arbitrage, multiples etc.

If the thought of 30 bets a day is scaring you, then you can limit the number down by only selecting the 'strongest' of the value horses. BetSynergy comprises of 3 main selection criteria and when all 3 are used together 'in synergy', you are likely to see the best results. However, some of you may prefer to use different combinations of the 3 thereby allowing you to create your own Betsynergy method to suit your preferred betting habits. Its very flexible and easily tailored and will likely get you thinking about many ways to use the horses it highlights to make profitable bets. It's already kept me awake a fair few nights while my mind whizzes through ideas based on the BetSynergy method!

It comes in the form of an ebook (electronic book) that you can download immediately on payment which is made through a secure credit card ordering service. It's written in a no nonsense concise way which means you get everything you need to fully understand the method, but not pages and pages of waffle that you often get in other products to justify the cost! Working examples and screenshots are provided throughout the book to make the learning of BetSynergy very easy. It's around 30 pages of A4 in length but packed with everything you need to make the method a success for you.

Horse Form! What Form?

Bet Synergy is not one of those complicated methods that asks you to check the history and form of each of the runners. No spending hours on each race looking back to see whether the horse likes the ground, whether its run over the same distance, when it last won etc. I personally don't have the patience or time for this form analysis stuff so BetSynergy makes a refreshing change.

I found that for each race, I needed about 5 minutes max to determine the horse or horses that were great value ! Not bad I'm sure you'll agree.

Sample Bet Synergy Results

I can't list every bet I've placed here as I've already placed many 1000's of BetSynergy bets. However, what I can confirm is that my ROI has been steadily above 15% and now sits at a healthy 15.2% ROI.

I've had selections highlighted by Betsynergy that have OVER HALFED IN PRICE and therefore I was getting over double the odds on the horse than I should have given its true chance of winning. Thats real value.

Here are some of my winning selections over the week prior to this review:

29th June / 20:30 Thirsk Chambers 12/1
29th June / 15:30 Brighton Goodbye Cash 11/1
28th June / 20:40 Windsor Milnagavie


28th June / 18:40 Windsor Instructress 12/1
25th June / 21:20 Chester Feeling Fresh 14/1
25th June / 19:55 Newcastle Dolly Royal 66/1
25th June / 19:15 Chester Another Magic Man 12/1
25th June / 14:50 Doncaster

Dies Solis

24th June / 16:55 Goodwood Aattash 16/1
24th June / 16:20 Goodwood Slip Sliding Away 25/1

Obviously along with the winners listed above, I have had many more losing bets on the same days, but overall I'm over £2100 in profit for the week using simple £40 stakes. I'm very happy with this as I'm sure you can imagine. For June 2010, my bank is showing at over £20,000 in tax free profit. A bumper month for sure, but not unusual. I tend to have a few months like this every year with the rest being around £4000 to £8000 profit along with a couple of months whereby profits are tiny or I break even. Only 1 month has resulted in a loss which was around -£2000. This is 1 month in the 4 years I have been following Bet Synergy!

Since advertising BetSynergy I have made many friendly contacts via my site many of which have sent me random gifts as a thankyou because I introduced them to the Bet Synergy method. Read into that what you wish...

What Resources Do You Need for BetSynergy?

In order to use BetSynergy, you simply need a computer with access to the internet so that you can visit two horse racing resources both of which are FREE to use. You will be placing your bets with traditional bookmakers and you can do so using their online sites or via telephone. I personally place all my bets online. You should have accounts with ALL the leading and safe UK bookmakers as this will maximise your profit potential. NEVER accept a lower price with a bookie just because you haven't got an account with the bookie offering the higher price. Simply open an account with the other bookie. If you don't already do this, you are throwing money away!

Negatives / Bad Points

A couple of very minor things here. Firstly, not actually a gripe with the system and it's results but that it can become quite boring repeating the process for each race many times a day. I guess it's the price you have to pay for successful and profitable betting. If you're the sort of person who likes to place a couple of bets per day, then this is probably not for you. A better alternative in such cases would be the Value Horse Method.

The 2nd point is related to the above and is that you do need to dedicate a fair few hours a day if you intend to follow the BetSynergy method seriously. If you are only able to spare 30 minutes a day in your lunch hour, then I would again probably not recommend the product to you.

Summary / Recommendation

The Bet Synergy horse racing method is another excellent and informative publication from the VHM team. It will highlight many value horses each and every racing day. They will not all win obviously, but by virtue of the fact that most of the prices you will be getting are higher than the true price for the horse, you will win long term.

At only £87 at the time of this review, the ebook is a must for the serious bettor and investor. Although my trial period is affectively over and I have already placed over 1000 bets, I shall be continuing to follow this method daily from now on. I think that says it all really !

My Recommendation: Order a copy of Bet Synergy NOW...

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Review By: Martin Bailey


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