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Bank Statements Showing Racing Synergy and VHM Returns

This page shows a few examples of some of my betting bank account statements which cleary highlight the money coming in and out of bookmakers. These transactions are from my use of Racing Synergy (BetSynergy) and Value Horse Method's only.

These are just an average statement of activity at the point when I took the screenshots in April/May 2010. They do not show my best returns or indeed worst, but are showing average activity for me when using Racing Synergy and The Value Horse Method. On the best month I have experienced so far, the profit was over £18,000 but on average its more like £3,500 to £5,000 per month.

Please dont think that I am trying to boast here. I'm not going to come out with the usual rubbish and say that by using Racing Synergy and The Value Horse Method, I've become a multi-millionaire with a Mansion and Aston Martin. You know those type of betting sites/products that promise a lot and deliver nothing!

Please feel free to make of this whatever you want. It's not going to affect or upset me if you believe they are faked or false. I know they are not and I'm happily making money from my betting activity. If your viewing this page month's or year's after the statements below and are sceptical, why not get in touch with me and I will give you an honest update on how I am doing right now...

Account L :


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Account N :


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As we all know, the only way to make a long term profit from betting is to only bet when the odds are in our favour. The Value Horse Method shows you how to do just that by selecting horses that offer you tremendous value. It's very well written, easy to understand and is a real GEM of a product. I personally use the method every day of every week.
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Racing Synergy is a low cost professional software tool by the "betting automation" team, that allows you to easily find overpriced horses that are therefore offering tremendous value. Racing Synergy scans all UK / Irish races you choose at warp speed and lists all the horses that are overpriced in a simple table. Then its over to you to simply back them or trade them as arbitrage bets. My favourite software solution by far!
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