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REVIEW - The UK Renegade Horse Betting System

Product Title: The UK Renegade Method Website: The UK Renegade Method.
Product Type: EBook + Staking Calculator Delivery Time: Immediate Download
Reviewed By: Martin Bailey Guarantee?: YES, 180 day money-back
Reviewers Rating: Rating 4.5 Star Image Highly Recommended, Quality Publication.
Product Category: Horse Racing Selection Method with free bonuses.


STOP PRESS: The UK Renegade Method Website has been closed down since I completed this review. If you are looking for an alternative quality method please visit my Horse Racing Betting Systems and Methods page or take a look at my Reviews of Horse Racing Systems.



The UK Renegade method is a low cost quality publication that shows you how to find horses that are offering excellent value. By value, I simply mean that it highlights horses where the odds are higher than the they should be given the horses actual chance of winning. Unless you are exceptionally lucky, finding value bets is the only way for you to profit from betting long term.

For your peace of mind, I would like you to know that The UK renegade method is a third party publication and the reviewer had nothing to do with the creation or publishing of this method. This is a fully independent review.

What Is The UK Renegade Method?

The UK Renegade method is a tried and tested method of selecting horses that has been used successfully for many years by a betting guru from Australia called Matt Elliot. Some of you may well be familiar with Matt's work and in particular his superb publication Betting Exchange Secrets. Matt is also responsible for one of the most respected tipster services in Australia.

Thankfully for us, Matt gave his permission for the method to be amended specifically for the UK horse racing marketplace and the UK Renegade method is the end result. This rework was entrusted to a respected UK expert Tony Thurston who himself has years of experience and is responsible for the excellent FREE service The Value Place. The fact that the 2 brains behind this product were people who are well respected and trustworthy gave me immediate comfort as I knew the publication was likely to be of a very high standard. I was not disappointed.

Its presented in the form of an ebook which you can order online with a secure card ordering service for immediate download. "It comes complete with a full 180 money back guarantee."

What really impressed me when reading through the ebook, was that the amazing amount of detail and examples given. I learnt a lot about the way bookmakers work and more importantly make their fortunes. It's only by knowing this that you can really challenge them at their own game! I also found out some new techniques for making healthy profits that are not actually the UK renegade method but are thrown in for FREE.

The renegade method itself is very simple to follow and does not require ANY form analysis. This was very appealing to me as I'm not somebody who likes to spend hours a day analysing each race with loads of historical data. There are plenty of screenshots provided which help you to fully understand the method quickly.

Once read and digested, the method can be summarised in 7 very simple steps that should take no more than a 5 minutes for you to follow for each race.

In the few months I have been personally following this method, I have bagged a very healthy return on my investment. Sure I have had a fair few losing bets, but the regular winners and more importantly the 'value' prices I am getting on those winning horses is what is giving me the excellent profits.

What Resources Do You Need?

In order to use the UK Renegade Method, you simply need a computer with access to the internet so that you can visit a few horse racing resources all of which are FREE to use. You will be placing your bets with a betting exchange like BetFair and/or traditional bookmakers and you can do so using their online sites or via telephone. I personally place all my bets online.

The UK Renegade Method comes with it's own powerful staking calculator and scratching/non runner calculator. This software alone is probably worth the cost of the product.

Being the work of two trusted authors, you are safe in the knowledge that an excellent support service is in place should you have any questions or need help.

Summary / Recommendation

The UK Renegade Method is a excellent product at very low cost. The method is simple to follow and more importantly has proved profitable for me.

Put it this way, I will NOT be asking to take advantage of the 180 day money back guarantee.

My Recommendation: Visit The UK Renegade Method today and see what you think...

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Review By: Martin Bailey


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