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REVIEW - Cash Master Betting System

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The Cash Master betting system consists of a piece of Windows software and a number of supporting documents and at the time of this review is available for you to purchase for immediate download for £29.95. So we are not talking about a big investment here.

What Is The Cash Master Betting System?

The heart of Cash Master is its clever Windows Software that implements a staking system that when followed accurately will allow you to essentially make money on every race you bet in even if the horse you selected loses! Now, I cannot disclose exactly how this is possible as it would be unfair to the product creators, but I can confirm that when followed it does do what is says on the tin. You set an amount you wish to make per race and the software calculates stakes to reach this target.

In order for this system to work, you do need to have a way of selecting winning horses with odds of evens or higher within a reasonable number of attempts. If you can't pick 1 winner from 10 races then don't worry, as the system comes complete with a number of simple selection methods which the creators claim are profitable when used with the Cash Master system.

If you are regularly picking winners anyway, then this system will make a very nice addition to your betting arsenal.

Stop Loss / Fail Safe Feature

Even in the worst case scenario where you are maybe on a terrible losing streak, this system comes up trumps with a clever way of splitting your current liabilities so that you can 'wipe out' the existing loses and get back quickly into profit with winning streaks.

What Resources Do You Need?

In order to use the Cash Master Software, you simply need a computer running Microsoft Windows and ideally a connection to the internet. The horse selection methods which are provided as part of this package do require that you visit a few FREE internet services like the Racing Post but the software itself can operate without access to the internet. You can place your bets in any way you prefer but because of the number of bets you are likely to be making per day, I recommend you place them online with traditional bookmakers or on the Betting Exchanges like BetFair.

Bonuses and Extra Features

One really cool thing about this betting system is that it's not restricted to horse racing betting. If you have a system that currently picks winners in any sport with odds of evens or higher then this system will allow you to profit from every event just like it does with the horses.

Bonuses include a guide to making money from casinos by utilising the free signup bonuses that most of them offer. Also a guide to playing in 2 of the worlds biggest lotteries for free. These are both useful freebies.

Negatives / Bad Points

Nothing really stands out here but I would say the biggest negative would have to be mentally on users who are maybe on a losing streak of selections. In these cases your loses will mount until the winner is hit giving you back your profit target per race and thereby settling your nerves. Losing streaks can really play on your mind and most people find dealing with them very stressful even though they know they will occur. I must say, that due to the inbuilt stop loss strategies, that you should not let this put you off.

Summary / Recommendation

All in all the Cash Master system is a great tool to add to your betting armory. The Windows software is simple to use and makes your life easy.

Please don't confuse this system with a simple 'doubling up stakes' method as its far more professional than that and in most cases stakes are not increased much between bets in order to reach your profit targets.

When you have invested in this product, I would highly recommend that you follow it for a number of days / weeks without actually placing your bets. That way, you will be fully comfortable with the software / system and will have experienced the stop loss features without any of you own money being at risk. Once you have done so, you will be able to play along knowing your investment is a good one and that you are very unlikely to lose...

My Recommendation: Download your copy of Cash Master Betting System today.

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Review By: Martin Bailey


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